December 17, 2012

Delightful Gift Ideas for Bibliophiles

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Over the past few years, books have made a comeback as a result of popular and compelling film and television adaptations. While there have been many fans of such cinematic adaptations, many people choose to either preempt or follow up literary films with original texts, and there are purists who strictly prefer the written form. If you’re wondering what to give bookworms this season, Treetopia has several delightful and useful gift ideas.

Waterproof Book Covers

gift ideas for bibliophiles: plastic book covers

Any book lover would agree that it’s not fun to read damaged books, especially books with pages stuck together from being a casualty of water. Gift any book lover with a waterproof book cover (or a set of them), and they will surely cherish the extra protection it gives their beloved books—and cherish you for your savvy and thoughtful idea.

Book Light

book light

If your bibliophile friend is the type of person who simply cannot sleep without reading but lives with someone who prefers to sleep in the dark, why not give her or him a book light so she or he can still enjoy reading even while journeying to the land of slumber.

Personalized Book Plates

personalized book plates

Bookworms usually have a vast and impressive collection of books that they highly value. Why not give them a personalized book plate to mark all those tomes as their property, so they can make their library of fabulous titles officially awesome.

Literature-inspired e-Book Reader Case

ebook reader case

If your well-read friends have embraced the future and converted to e-books instead of traditional paperback or hardbound books, give them a piece of tradition with a book-inspired e-reader cover. Find a cover of their favorite book or a title from their favorite genre to give them a sense of traditional book reading infused into their modern sensibilities.

Movie Adaptations

books to movies adaptations

It is one thing to re-imagine a world as you read a book, but experiencing a story using your other senses can be just as gratifying an experience. Present your book lover friend with a new way of experiencing his or her favorite book by gifting a DVD of a film or television adaptation or an audiobook version of a favorite book. Your bookish companion will surely love the opportunity to experience adored texts in a new way. Thinking of a gift for book lovers is not difficult at all. All you have to do is figure out a way to support and enhance their pursuits or give them a new way to experience what they love. If you’re an avid book reader or simply gifted at giving gifts, we invite you to share what you think bibliophiles would really appreciate receiving as a present.

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