December 24, 2012

Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for Moms

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happy mothers day greeting

Moms are the best! They have boundless amounts of energy to work all day and still prepare dinner and kiss the kids good night. This Christmas, show them you appreciate everything they do for you. Here are some holiday gift ideas that will be appreciated by moms in every stage of motherhood:

Something Needed

One way to make sure that your gift will be fully appreciated is to find out what mom needs around the house, whether it’s an actual household item or a task that needs doing: a new non-stick pan, a set of bed covers, a nice painting to fill the bare wall, a new pair of shoes for walking in the park—or even repairs around the house. Just make sure that you call in the experts for repairs if you’re not one. Do what you can to make her life easier for the rest of the year.

Something for her Health

invest in mom's health

Since aging is inevitable and people always say that prevention is better than cure,” give your mom something to keep her looking and feeling well. Something as simple as a basket filled with the latest health food items or beauty products. For a more practical approach, some exercise equipment or a digital heart rate or blood pressure monitor will help her take better care of herself. While these may not be the most elegant gifts, your mom will appreciate your concern for her health.

Spa or Massage Treatment

relaxing spa treatment

Picking up after kids is a tiring activity, especially when combined with work and other mom duties. Give your mom a break this Christmas by treating her to a spa or massage treatment to relax her muscles and replenish her energy. Your mom will surely be all smiles after the session.

Dinner Treats

If your mom cooks for everyone all the time, it’s high time you give her a break. Treat her to her favorite restaurant (or introduce her to some awesome new ones) for a number of days (3 weeks or 1 month would be nice). You can even prepare her favorite desserts so her after dinner treats are just as special.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Moms
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If you want to go all out, we’re pretty sure your mom would love a vacation from being a mom for a while. Give your mom the ultimate mom-cation by doing all the things she does at home. Prepare her breakfast, clean up the house and car, run the errands (pay the bills, even!) to give your mom the ultimate pampering. It’s up to you to determine how long this ultimate mom-cation will be. If you have siblings, you can get them to join you for the mom-cation work or take turns while your mom is relaxing. You won’t only show your mom how awesome she is, you’ll show her how awesome you have become.

Being a good mom can sometimes be a thankless job—just ask moms with rebellious teen kids! While Christmas should not be the only time to make moms feel as special as you know they are, make this Christmas extra special for them. Whether it’s your mom, sister, wife or friend, make sure the moms know how much all their efforts are appreciated.

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