November 13, 2012

Weird Travels

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When the holidays come rushing in, the travel bug bites and gnaws on our imaginations. The usual options for travelers at this time generally revolve around two choices: the Siren’s call of the rolling waves on white sand beaches for those who prefer the heat and the temptation of fresh powder for the adrenaline-pumping, winter sports enthusiasts. If you want a break from the usual vacation spots, here are some wonderfully weird but ultimately exciting activities and travel destinations:

Heat Seekers

Image by Tormod Sandtorv | flickr

If you prefer warm places, you might enjoy traveling to hell and back. Located in Turkmenistan, the 60-meter wide and 20-meter deep Darvaza Gas Crater, also known as Hell’s Door, attracts tourists from all over the world. You won’t find devils carrying their tridents around the crater, though, because this attraction was accidentally made by Soviet geologists back in 1971. They discovered that this cavern was rich in natural gas, and to prevent the poisonous gas from escaping, they decided to light up the crater until the gas burned out – the crater hasn’t stopped burning since.

Chilling Challenge

Image by Erik Erxon | flickr

Experience a different type of cold while learning history in London. Follow the trail of the infamous Jack the Ripper or scurry along with the tour group along the walkways of London, not knowing whether the person you’ll meet will pass right through you. If you want to raise the probability of ghostly encounters, you can join the tour of infamous haunted quarters, churchyards, and graveyards. You can only wonder if the chill you’re feeling is coming from the weather or something giving you a welcoming hug.

Survival Foodies

This weed could mean life or death

If you have a knack for honing your survival skills for a possible alien invasion or zombie apocalypse, try the Edible Weeds Walk in Melbourne, Australia. Running away from aliens or zombies in the forest would be much easier if you’ve had something to eat, but since there are no vending machines in trees, this educational tour would certainly come in handy. Just be sure to join the guided tour held by professionals from Very Edible Gardens. For more weird and interesting tours in Melbourne, you can check out this blog post by Natasha Abrahams at Weekend Notes.

Heads or Tails

Image by Anosmia | flickr

If you want to test your limits, join a guided tour around the Chernobyl disaster site in Ukraine. Feed the huge catfish that witnessed the tragedy and visit Reactor No. 4, the root of the disaster. You can take pictures in Pripyat Village, which has since become a ghost town, and you won’t have to worry because the zone security will check your radiation levels before you leave (and maybe see if you’ve sprouted a tail or an extra head).

Regardless of how weird your adventure will be, keeping an open mind will guarantee you a fabulous time.

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