November 21, 2012

Treetopia’s Best: Diva Christmas Trees

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With Thanksgiving drawing near, it only means that Christmas is just a few sleeps away. By this time, you should have already decorated a fabulous Christmas tree that fits your personality. If you haven’t found a tree that’s as extraordinary as you are, shine the spotlight on our incredible Diva Christmas trees. Each of these trees reflects its own personality but all of them scream FABULOUS.

Green Dazzling Diva

Diva Green Christmas Tree

If you want a fabulous tree that is closer to traditional Christmas colors, check out our Green Dazzling Diva Christmas Tree.  This tree stands like a 6-foot slender supermodel ready for a fabulous pose on the catwalk while saying, “I may be traditionally colored but I am still one awesome tree!”

Pink Dazzling Diva

pink dazzling diva christmas tree

What can be more girly than a shining, shimmering pink Christmas tree in your home? Enjoy decorating this ultimately feminine Pink Dazzling Diva Christmas Tree like you used to dress up your dolls. If the color’s still not enough, you can add a few accessories here and there to make it even prettier. Crown your pink tree with a tiara instead of a star so it screams “I’m a pretty little princess. Adore me.”

Purple Dazzling Diva

purple dazzling diva christmas tree

Take your Christmas décor up a notch with Treetopia’s Purple Dazzling Diva Christmas Tree. The Purple Diva presents itself in a royal color. A princess but with traces of being a warrior, this magnificent purple tree declares that despite her femininity, she’s still one tough cookie.

 Silver Dazzling Diva

silver dazzling diva christmas tree

Whoever said that second place is not good enough has not met our Silver Dazzling Diva Christmas Tree. It may not be in gold, but this silver tree can definitely capture anyone’s attention with its captivating shimmer. It reminds you that “not all that glitters is gold”… sometimes, it’s a fabulous silver Christmas tree with a diva personality.

Blue Dazzling Diva

blue dazzling diva christmas tree

The newest addition to the diva family tree is the Blue Dazzling Diva Christmas Tree. Having a blue Christmas is not a bad thing with this Blue Diva. Decorate it with silver ornaments for a simple classic look or incorporate all your wacky, fun ideas for a unique, unforgettable blue Christmas minus the loneliness.

All these Divas in the making are equipped with clear lights to give an extra sparkle that will surely raise the bar.

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