October 29, 2012

Fun & Sassy Halloween Party Favors

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If you’re throwing a party this Halloween, do something unique that will make your party one to remember. Instead of just buying candies and chocolates from the store like everybody else does, have your guests take home some memorable homemade party favors. Here are some ideas for fun and sassy party favors your Halloween party guests will absolutely adore.

Sweet Creepy Crawlies

If you want something exotic, make your guests eat some creepy crawlies. Go down to the nearest baking supplies store and find some insect-shaped chocolate molds. Don’t forget to buy chocolate blocks so you can get started right away. Next, melt the chocolate and pour it on to the mold and let it cool. When the chocolate hardens, you can package them for your guests or place them all in a bowl so your guests can choose which insects they want to eat first. Just remember to keep your creepy crawlies away from heat so they don’t melt.

Design Your Own Coffin

Since Halloween is all about ghouls, ghosts, and vampires, make your guests design their own edible coffins. Bake a few batches of cookies, gingerbread, or whatever pastry you can cut into the shape of a coffin. When the pastries have been shaped and cooled, set them aside.

Don’t forget to buy materials for decorating the coffins. Chocolate or strawberry syrup, mini marshmallows, chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, crushed nuts, fruits – it’s up to you. Make sure you set up a separate coffin station so your guests can sit down while working on their designs.

Shot Glasses with Coagulated Blood Jell-O

When people die, the blood coagulates. Make your guests drink coagulated blood made from Jell-O. You can use your own personal recipe for the Jell-O shots or find one online. Of course, you have to make sure that you have enough shot glasses for each of your guests. You can either design the shot glasses yourself with a permanent marker or glitter glue, or order personalized sets. You can even choose the color of the blood for some added fun: red for human blood, blue for royal blood and green for alien blood.

fun and sassy Halloween party favors
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When the Jell-O is fully formed, take a popsicle stick or a chopstick and swirl up the Jell-O until it looks like a blood clot. Make your guests take the shot before leaving. If you’re feeling like a prankster, you could even spike one or two shots with hot sauce and play Jell-O shot roulette. Remember: they can’t take home the shot glass party favor unless they join in the fun!

Fun ideas for party favors will come easier once you have a theme for your party. If you don’t have one yet, you can take a look at some suggestions in our Fabulous & Unique Themes for Your Halloween Party post.

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