August 14, 2012

Finding the Colors that Work for You

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The colors you see every day affects your mood, with each color triggering a different emotional response. Red, for example, is known to increase energy and aggression, while yellow releases a feel-good chemical (serotonin) that instantly lifts your mood—much like how exposure to light and sunshine boosts happiness levels.

Finding Colors That Work For You

Since colors play such a vital role in setting the mood, it’s only natural to harness this into your home decorating plans. By tapping into the mood potential of colors, you can design your home to become a comfortable sanctuary attuned to your personality.

Complementary Colors

Colors complement each other, so use complementary colors when deciding on a color for a room. Too much of a single color can be overbearing to the senses. So mix and match to suit the needs of a room.

For instance, orange is a warm hue and spaces painted in a warm orange tend to look more inviting. However, too much orange, especially the kind mixed with a lot of red can be overwhelming. Tone it down with a kind of blue that complements the orange shade. Blue is a calming color and will detract any of the harshness from the orange

Personal Palette

Everyone differs on how colors affect them. Red may incite feelings of aggression in another, while another may feel a heightened sense of passion. Ensure that the colors you use are in sync with your personality by creating a personal color palette and using it in your home.

You can do this by sitting down with a bunch of color swatches and evaluating how each of the colors affects you. Keep a list of all the colors that are pleasing to you and work your color palette around that. If you live with your family, show them the colors you’ve chosen and ask them to evaluate how the colors make them feel as well. Since you’re all living together, the colors should be pleasing for everyone.

Have fun adding color to your home. You can either repaint entire walls, or just add little pops of color through furniture or wall accents. As long as the colors you choose work harmoniously with your mood, there’s no way you can go wrong with your home design.

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