July 31, 2012

4 Easy Ways to Recycle Old Ornaments

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Christmas is always a festive time and many people look forward to getting their homes ready for the holidays. Unfortunately, the season also tends to yield a significant amount of waste because of discarded ornaments. Recycling old decor not only contributes greatly to the environment, it also allows homeowners to cut back on their expenses. Here are a few ideas you can try.

Display ornaments in a glass bowl

Display in glass bowls or jars

Ornaments in different colors can be used as table centerpieces or accents to shelves and window sills. Place an assortment of glass balls in clear jars and display on top of a shelf or side table. You can also place a cluster of ornaments in a layered crystal bowl as a table centerpiece.

Spruce up with glitter and ribbons

Used ornaments are usually discarded because they’ve lost their luster. Spruce them up with a fresh layer of paint or glitter glue. Sometimes, a large golden or silver bow is enough to make a statement. Old Christmas balls can be refreshed by surrounding them with a cluster of hollies.

Add new embellishments

If the paint can’t be restored, remove the remaining paint both outside and inside using bleach and a rag. Place a photo, a print-out of holiday messages like the word “peace,” potpourri, or any colorful materials inside the clear ball, put the two sides together again, then finish off with a ribbon for hanging.

You can also decorate the exterior by gluing pieces of beads and other handicraft trimmings like sequins and small bows. Another option is to transform the balls into decoupage ornaments by covering up with used gift wrappers.

Make an ornament wreath

Mix and match ornaments that have accumulated through the years and turn them into a wreath or garland. Use an old hanger or sturdy wire fashioned into a circle. Thread the wire through the wire loop of the Christmas balls until full. Secure the ends of the wire together and then decorate the wreath with ribbons, tinsel, or other trimmings. To create a wider wreath, you can purchase a styrofoam wreath as base then simply glue the ornaments together.

Re-purposing old ornaments is a great way to save on holiday decorating and help reduce your ecological footprint every Christmas. Plus, it’s a lovely opportunity to create a unique holiday design you can proudly call your own.

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