If you’re stumped about how to style your pencil tree, read below.

Pencil Tree Banner

When space around your home is scarce but you want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, set up a space-saving pencil Christmas tree instead of a  fuller, traditional one. For first time owners of pencil trees or those who have tried but were unsuccessful in their attempts to make it look as fabulous as they imagined, Treetopia has gathered some one-of-a-kind tips and tricks to help you make your tree look more amazing.


Formally Yours Black and White Ornament Set

Having over the top, flashy ornaments hanging on your Christmas tree is not always the best option. Sometimes, you have to take the simple route when decorating, especially since conventional decorations associated with traditional Christmas trees do not always look good on pencil trees. You can choose a minimalistic theme in a monochromatic palette and decorate your tree with ornaments of the same color, but in varying degrees of shade, for a polished and modern look.

Go 3-D

Femme Fatale Glass Heel Ornaments

Go for a dramatic three-dimensional design scheme with your pencil tree decorations by adding the illusion of depth. Creating depth is actually simple. All you need are ornaments in different sizes and a strategy for layering the ornaments around the tree. Place all the smaller ornaments in the inner portion of the tree, while the larger ones should be in full display. Think of the inner parts of the tree as the farther edge of your line of sight, while the outer part is the plane nearer you.

Be Consistent

Starry Night Satin Dream Ornaments

If you do not have the time to create the illusion of depth or arrange Christmas ornaments according to size, you may choose to decorate your pencil tree using only large ornaments instead. This will surely make your tree glamorous and noticeable, because the size of the ornaments creates a stark contrast to the size of the tree. You can even wrap the tree in a garland as a unique finishing touch.

Ribbons and Sashes

Decorate with Ribbons

You can also create a fabulously decorated pencil tree using only ribbons and sashes. These materials are easy to find; you just have to go to your local hobby store and ask for a ribbon or sash with an appropriate width so that it will easily be seen. We are fans of Cheri’s and Kristen’s blogs, which both teach how to decorate using ribbons.

Decorating a pencil tree is actually easy. All you have to do is select chic and stylish materials and ornaments and keep things simple. Leave the bulk of the ornaments off the tree. After all, you did get your pencil tree to save space in your home.

If you have any tips or tricks on how to decorate a pencil Christmas tree, we invite you to share your ideas here.