Did you know that the tradition of carving pumpkin for Halloween began in Ireland and Scotland with turnips? Read on and discover more about the rich history of this fun holiday.


Halloween traces its roots to an ancient Celtic harvest festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in). It was believed that on October 31, the spirits of the dead returned to damage crops and scare the living.

  Jack o'lantern beside a candle jar decorated with bats

By 800 AD, Christianity introduced Europe to All Saints Day, or “All Hallows,” which falls on November 1. Samhain began to be called “All Hallows’ Eve” and was later shortened to “Hallowe’en”.


Forget ghosts and ghouls! Here are some Halloween costumes that will surely get you noticed.

Halloween is creeping up fast behind you, getting closer and closer until you can feel its breath on your neck, sending chills down your spine. Are you prepared to go out on Halloween and show off your costume? If you haven’t prepared your costume yet, or have no idea about what to wear, here are some Halloween costume suggestions you can try out for yourself:

Image by Bob Jagendorf | flickr

Join the Horde

A classic Halloween costume, you will definitely come across a few people dressed as zombies in varying degrees of decay. Use your artistic skills with simple or prosthetic make-up to achieve the perfect look of decay. Top it off with tattered clothing, a splash of fake blood and a limp to give you that realistic zombie appearance.  Since it has been popularized by computer games, television shows and a few recent films, you will surely be a part of the horde.

Smooth Operator

Men can go for a classic crisp look with a tuxedo paired with a bow tie or a suit with a fashionable neck tie to give that sharp, smooth super spy James Bond look. Keep a stash of gadgets to impress the ladies or make a quick getaway. Don’t forget to call M to get briefed on your mission!

Simple Scare

For long-haired ladies who want to elevate scaring to a whole new level, simple is best. You can dress up as the vengeful spirit of a woman, like the ones in Asian horror films. All you need is a simple, long white dress, powder to make your skin look paler than you’ve ever been, and some hair product to keep your hair straight and give it a wet look all night. Remember to keep your head lowered and use only your eyes when looking at people. Keep your eyes on theirs as you slowly move up your head to reveal an evil grin that will send chills down their spine and back up again.

Image from Barnacles Hostels | flickr

Go Animated!

Probably one of the most famous Halloween characters is the one who tried to be Santa Claus with a creepy twist. Go as Jack Skellington to achieve that balance between creepy and cool. Wear a nice black suit and an improvised “Jack” head and you’re good to go.  If you really like Jack Skellington, you can even use him as a theme when decorating your home for the holidays. Jack is a perfect decoration for Treetopia’s black Christmas trees, which means you can extend your Halloween fun until Christmas.

Whatever costume you choose to wear, remember that the most important part of your costume is your attitude. Internalize your character and watch the Halloween magic happen.

Deciding on a costume is easier if you already have a character or theme in mind. If you happen to be throwing the Halloween party, you can choose your costume based on your party’s theme. You can find suggestions for party themes in our Fabulous & Unique Themes for Your Halloween Party post. Of course, no party is complete without party favors for your guests. Take a look at some of our suggestions of Fun & Sassy Halloween Party Favors.