Give your equally (or more) fantastic mom a gift she truly deserves

You’ve already proven how fabulous you are with the way you can juggle your tasks, solve tough problems, manage your time between work and play, and still have some solo relaxation time. Now it’s time to celebrate one amazing person whose love and guidance enabled you to become the person you are today: MOM. Just how can you show how much you love your mom this Mother’s Day? By telling her, of course, and through acts of love! A thoughtful gift wouldn’t hurt as well. Here are some gift ideas for your lovely mom:


Give her the gift of added style for breezy days and brisk summer nights. A fashionable pashmina or Turkish 100% Cotton Fouta allows her the freedom to wear whatever she is comfortable in without the need to keep checking if it matches the whole outfit. Of course, not only are pashminas and Turkish Foutas a nice, snug protection from the cold, they’re also fashionable in their own right.

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If you’re still not sure what to give moms this Christmas, Treetopia is here to share some ideas

Moms are the best! They have boundless amounts of energy to work all day and still prepare dinner and kiss the kids good night. This Christmas, show them you appreciate everything they do for you. Here are some holiday gift ideas that will be appreciated by moms in every stage of motherhood:

Something needed

A beautiful piece of art for the wall


Find awesome gift ideas for your special book worm this holiday season
Over the past few years, books have made a comeback as a result of popular and compelling film and television adaptations. While there have been many fans of such cinematic adaptations, many people choose to either preempt or follow up literary films with original texts, and there are purists who strictly prefer the written form. If you’re wondering what to give bookworms this season, Treetopia has several delightful and useful gift ideas.

Waterproof Book Covers

Gift Ideas for Bibliophiles 1
Image by | Hightide

Any book lover would agree that it’s not fun to read damaged books, especially books with pages stuck together from being a casualty of water. Gift any book lover with a waterproof book cover (or a set of them), and they will surely cherish the extra protection it gives their beloved books—and cherish you for your savvy and thoughtful idea.

Book Light

Gift Ideas for Bibliophiles 2
Image by | Energizer

If your bibliophile friend is the type of person who simply cannot sleep without reading but lives with someone who prefers to sleep in the dark, why not give her or him a book light so she or he can still enjoy reading even while journeying to the land of slumber.

Personalized Book Plates

Gift Ideas for Bibliophiles 2
Image by | Oiseaux

Bookworms usually have a vast and impressive collection of books that they highly value. Why not give them a personalized book plate to mark all those tomes as their property, so they can make their library of fabulous titles officially awesome.

Literature-inspired e-Book Reader Cover

Gift Ideas for Bibliophiles 3
Image by Tony Mcneill | flickr

If your well-read friends have embraced the future and converted to e-books instead of traditional paperback or hardbound books, give them a piece of tradition with a book-inspired e-reader cover. Find a cover of their favorite book or a title from their favorite genre to give them a sense of traditional book reading infused into their modern sensibilities.

Book Adaptations

Gift Ideas for Bibliophiles 4
Image by Rachel | Confessions of a Book Geek

It is one thing to re-imagine a world as you read a book, but experiencing a story using your other senses can be just as gratifying an experience. Present your book lover friend with a new way of experiencing his or her favorite book by gifting a DVD of a film or television adaptation or an audiobook version of a favorite book. Your bookish companion will surely love the opportunity to experience adored texts in a new way.

Thinking of a gift for book lovers is not difficult at all. All you have to do is figure out a way to support and enhance their pursuits or give them a new way to experience what they love.

If you’re an avid book reader or simply gifted at giving gifts, we invite you to share what you think bibliophiles would really appreciate receiving as a present.

Satisfy the insatiable gustatory desires of food lovers this holiday with these fabulous gift suggestions

Christmas is our free ticket to go all out and satisfy our appetites all in one day. It’s also the day when we get together with our dearest of family and friends. While everyone appreciates receiving gifts, giving that fruitcake a break this Christmas will certainly be a welcome decision. Since Christmas is also all about scrumptious food, here are a few gift ideas you can use for the food lovers on your gift list:

Collection of Herbs

For those who appreciate the huge difference herbs make in any dish, a collection of fresh or dried herbs makes a great gift. If you fancy the dried herbs option, purchase a few bundles of a variety of herbs from your local farmer’s market. Store these in clear, airtight containers, and label them accordingly. Food lovers with green thumbs will appreciate receiving a small potted herb garden that will make a great herb starter kit.

Gourmet Coffee Beans

Nothing wakes up the gustatory senses more than the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Consider gifting a selection of gourmet, organic coffee beans from all over the world. Store these beans in little hemp string bags, accompanied by a detailed review of the different coffee beans. This way, the recipients can pay attention to the various notes and accents when they drink the coffee.

A Basket of Freshness

basket of fresh stuff

A gift basket containing fresh fruits and vegetables from your local farmer’s market is perfect for those who value freshness in every bite. It also shows the receivers that you’ve taken the time to pick out each item in the basket. Head to your local market and choose produce that is in season and arrange it beautifully in a hand woven basket.

Gift Cards to their Favorite Food Spot

Gift cards

If your friends are certified foodies, then they probably have favorite food spots. Surprise them with gift cards to their favorite restaurants and coffee shops so they can indulge in some heavenly dining.

Serving Platters or Wine Glasses

Wine glass table setting

If your food lover friend happens to like throwing dinner parties, give them something useful like a set of unique serving platters. You can also give them elegant wine glasses for more formal dinners in their home.

Deciding on the perfect gift doesn’t have to be hard. Just be creative and look for other great food items that will stand out in the pantry. Your food loving family and friends will treasure these unique food laden gifts.

Stand out from the crowd with a fabulous, unique gift for the host. More than just a bottle of wine, these gifts will get you invites to the hottest parties in town.

The beginning of the holiday season almost always means that it is party season once again. If you want to attend the hottest parties in town, you may want to make sure that you are known not only for your amazing personality, but also your uncanny gift-giving skills.

Before you can select the perfect gift, you have to get to know the host of the party first. If you don’t know the host too well, think of him or her as a puzzle that needs to be solved. Do your research. Find out if the party has an overall theme and ask people about the host’s interests. Just to get you started, here are a few fabulous gift ideas that will make a lasting impression:

Lovers of Fine Brew

If you know that the host of the party has a taste for beer, a personalized beer mug is a safe bet. Have his or her name engraved on the mug, or have one specially designed to reflect the host’s personality. If the host appreciates a good laugh, you can even have his or her picture incorporated into the design. If you want to go the extra mile, you can purchase a beer brewing kit so that the host can experiment making his or her own recipe.

Image by Stew Miller | Gunaxin


If wine or champagne is preferred over beer, you can give the host a pair or set of crystal wine or champagne glasses. Everyone will surely raise a toast in your direction every time your gift is used.

The Other Kind of Brew

If the host of the party is known for his or her love of caffeine, you can give coffee-related gifts. Have the host’s favorite blend of coffee specially packaged and wrapped. You can even include a coffee grinder to make enjoying a fresh cup of coffee from freshly ground beans even easier.

Image by Robert Weems | flickr

Food Lovers

If the host has a notorious sweet tooth, bring a box of pastries for them to enjoy after the party. However, if the host has a knack for baking or preparing their own party food, give them something useful instead. A nice set of utensils or serving platters make great gifts. If you really have no idea what they already have or which utensil would be useful, you can opt to purchase a gift card so they can choose for themselves.

Go Organic

When you have run out of ideas or simply don’t have that much time to find a gift, a nice flower basket is always a safe choice. Try to avoid giving the host a bouquet of cut flowers, since the host would then have to search for a vase when he or she should be greeting the other guests. You also have to make sure that the flowers you choose do not clash with the theme of the party. If you have doubts, you can always contact the host before the party, ask whether or not more flowers are needed to decorate the venue, and volunteer to purchase them.

As the old saying goes “It is the thought that counts.” Make this adage your guide for gift-giving by really pouring your thoughts into your presents. Remember that the perfect gift is not always the most expensive – it is usually the most well thought out.

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