If you want to blend in fabulously this season, decorate your home for Christmas with these themes.

Christmas has long since moved away from the red and green color combination that used to adorn our homes. While some people choose to inject their personality into their holiday decorations, there are many who enjoy following holiday decorating trends. If you’re looking for tips and ideas about what is hot this season, keep reading and Treetopia will show you the way.

Metallic and Pink Christmas Trees

Metallic and Pink Christmas Trees

Good news for everyone who loves to grab attention with shiny or startlingly colorful décor. Metallic Christmas trees and pink Christmas trees are trending in 2012. You won’t need to put a lot of decorations on your tree when it’s already a stylish centerpiece. Enjoy your time in the spotlight with your shining, shimmering Christmas tree, or increase the girly atmosphere in your home this season.

LED Christmas Lights in Cool Colors

Christmas Decoration Themes

One of the most contemporary and refreshing themes this season is using energy-saving LED lights to brighten up both your home and your Christmas tree. It is a triple benefit situation: (1) your home dazzles with the current trend, (2) your home and tree are bright and shiny, and (3) you lessen your energy consumption by using LED lights. It’s a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season.

Glitter, Vintage, and Glass Ornaments

Glass Ornament

Another one of the current must-have trends is to decorate your home with glitter, vintage, or glass ornaments for a bit of retro sparkle. A salute to old fashioned style that is simple but elegant, luminous ornaments will surely make you reminisce about traditional Christmas celebrations.


Red Ornaments

Coming up with a personalized decorating theme is a major trend in 2012. It’s hard to go wrong with such a subjective theme but if you are looking for style guidance, color combination themes are always a safe bet. You can go with a classic red and gold, white and turquoise, blue and silver, or a multi-colored décor theme. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you have enough décor on hand to fully carry out your theme.

Handcrafted Ornaments

Hand made Santa Ornament

Take personalization to the next level by decorating your home with handcrafted ornaments for innovative visual flair. Whether you make the ornaments yourself or you buy them from the local craft store or holiday bazaar, handcrafted ornaments will surely make your decoration more distinct.

Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend more to make your home more beautiful. The trends and themes for 2012 point toward spending less by saving energy and paying homage to old fashioned glamour. However you choose to decorate your home, just be sure to remember that this season is all about hope and happiness.

If you’re stumped about how to style your pencil tree, read below.

Pencil Tree Banner

When space around your home is scarce but you want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, set up a space-saving pencil Christmas tree instead of a  fuller, traditional one. For first time owners of pencil trees or those who have tried but were unsuccessful in their attempts to make it look as fabulous as they imagined, Treetopia has gathered some one-of-a-kind tips and tricks to help you make your tree look more amazing.


Formally Yours Black and White Ornament Set

Having over the top, flashy ornaments hanging on your Christmas tree is not always the best option. Sometimes, you have to take the simple route when decorating, especially since conventional decorations associated with traditional Christmas trees do not always look good on pencil trees. You can choose a minimalistic theme in a monochromatic palette and decorate your tree with ornaments of the same color, but in varying degrees of shade, for a polished and modern look.

Go 3-D

Femme Fatale Glass Heel Ornaments

Go for a dramatic three-dimensional design scheme with your pencil tree decorations by adding the illusion of depth. Creating depth is actually simple. All you need are ornaments in different sizes and a strategy for layering the ornaments around the tree. Place all the smaller ornaments in the inner portion of the tree, while the larger ones should be in full display. Think of the inner parts of the tree as the farther edge of your line of sight, while the outer part is the plane nearer you.

Be Consistent

Starry Night Satin Dream Ornaments

If you do not have the time to create the illusion of depth or arrange Christmas ornaments according to size, you may choose to decorate your pencil tree using only large ornaments instead. This will surely make your tree glamorous and noticeable, because the size of the ornaments creates a stark contrast to the size of the tree. You can even wrap the tree in a garland as a unique finishing touch.

Ribbons and Sashes

Decorate with Ribbons

You can also create a fabulously decorated pencil tree using only ribbons and sashes. These materials are easy to find; you just have to go to your local hobby store and ask for a ribbon or sash with an appropriate width so that it will easily be seen. We are fans of Cheri’s and Kristen’s blogs, which both teach how to decorate using ribbons.

Decorating a pencil tree is actually easy. All you have to do is select chic and stylish materials and ornaments and keep things simple. Leave the bulk of the ornaments off the tree. After all, you did get your pencil tree to save space in your home.

If you have any tips or tricks on how to decorate a pencil Christmas tree, we invite you to share your ideas here.

February 8 marks the birthday of one of history’s most inspiring authors, Jules Verne. The visionary thought well ahead of his time, writing about submarines and expeditions to the moon long before they were invented. To this day, many experts consider him to be the Father of Science Fiction.

Jules Verne’s work never ceases to stimulate the imagination, which is why in celebration of his birthday, we’re presenting decorating ideas based on two of his most popular works:

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

This beloved classic tells the tale of Professor Pierre Annorax, a marine biologist, and his adventures aboard the mysterious Captain Nemo’s underwater vessel, the Nautilus. Submerging into the deepest areas of the open seas, Annorax, Nemo and the rest of the crew encounter fantastical creatures and discover awe-inspiring ruins – including the city of Atlantis itself!

Capture the deep-sea atmosphere by using deep blue as your main color. Our In the Navy Blue Christmas Tree makes for a perfect backdrop, but you can also use a traditional tree for this theme. Clear or yellow lights on the tree help simulate the small glowing wildlife that’s learned to adapt to the ocean’s abyss. Trim your tree with underwater-themed ornaments like coral and fish. You can also “rebuild” Atlantis and other sunken ruins by hanging lightweight aquarium ornaments like castles and shipwrecks onto your tree.

There are two key pieces to this theme: the Nautilus and the giant octopus that attacks the crew during one of the book’s most exciting parts. You can find any toy submarine (although the more steampunk the style, the better) to serve as the Nautilus, while the only requirement for the toy octopus is that it’s bigger than any other individual ornament on the tree. Either makes for a good tree topper, but I do find that the Nautilus looks best floating around the center of the tree.

Around the World in Eighty Days

Wealthy bachelor Phileas Fogg wagers that, with the creation of a new railroad system in India, it is now possible to travel around the world in just 80 days. Taking along his valet Passepartout, Phileas embarks on a grand race against time for the adventure of a lifetime.

Although Phileas and Passepartout never actually use a hot air balloon in the book, the image of their sky-bound travels has been used in so many movies and TV shows that it’s the most recognizable aspect of the story. It’d be a shame not to use the popular conception of the story for our tree, so we might as well do without literary faithfulness this time.

A light blue Christmas tree will suit this scheme best. Line the lower portion of your tree with ornaments in the shape of buildings and homes from different cultures – go for as much variety as you can! Scatter a few white ball ornaments along the upper third of your tree to serve as clouds. A pocket watch makes for a quaint-looking ornament, while at the same time serving as a reminder of Fogg’s time limit. Make sure you hang a toy hot air balloon in the most visible spot in the sky; it’s the star of the show, after all! You can either top the tree with a clock or the sun, or you can leave it bare.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with Jules Verne! You can draw inspiration from his enormous body of work, which includes creative masterpieces like A Journey to the Center of the Earth, From the Earth to the Moon, and The Mysterious Island, among many others. Have fun, and let your imagination run wild with his stories!