Pastel colors are commonly associated with Easter as they have a lighthearted quality that perfectly reflects the beauty and freshness of spring. This season, give your home a fabulous Easter-inspired look with one of these beauties from Treetopia’s collection of pastel-colored Christmas trees.

1. Pretty in Pink Tree

With its plump profile, soft pink shade, and matching pink lights, Treetopia’s Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree is a fabulous choice for your Easter display. Play up the sweet aspect of this tree by trimming it exclusively with decorated Easter eggs.

Treetopia pink tree with pink lights

Treetopia’s Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree

Start off by selecting plain Easter eggs in pastel colors that work well with pink, such as mint green, pale yellow, and sky blue. If you find preparing homemade Easter eggs too time-consuming, get artificial ones online or at your favorite craft store. Many of these faux eggs have holes at the top for hangers like ribbon, string, or fishing line. Some are even pre-threaded for your convenience.

You can decorate your entire Easter tree with these basic eggs, or mix in fancier ones made of yarn, fabric, or even recycled materials. No matter how traditional or elaborate your eggs are, just keep within your pastel color palette and you’ll have an endearing Easter display that’s easy on the eyes and the heart.

2. Baby Blue Tree

Treetopia’s Baby Blue Christmas Tree has a cool, contemporary look that provides an exciting burst of color to both your Christmas and Easter home decorating. An artificial tree this distinctive lends itself well to a more upbeat, stylized theme.

Treetopia blue tree with clear lights

Treetopia’s Baby Blue Christmas Tree

Dive into your storage closet and pick out pastel or frosted Christmas balls to reuse. You’ll want to work with colors that complement blue, so purchase some yellow and orange ball ornaments if you don’t have any. After hanging a few on the tree, it’s time to add your Easter-centric pieces.

Trim the rest of your tree with a variety of Easter symbols, such as decorated eggs, chicks, carrots, and of course, Easter bunnies. Stick to ornaments with classic, child-oriented designs, or those with more modern, graphic styling. You can also mix and match the two looks to create a unique, eclectic holiday tree that‘s sure to wow your Easter crowd.

3. Lively Lavender Tree

If you prefer a more subtle Easter vignette, consider Treetopia’s Lively Lavender Christmas Tree. This artificial Christmas tree has a delicate violet tint that exudes grace and refinement, making it a great match for homes with soft and serene spaces.

Treetopia lavender tree with clear lights

Treetopia’s Lively Lavender Christmas Tree

Begin the foundation for this theme by decorating your Easter Christmas tree with assorted ball ornaments in a muted monochromatic palette. Avoid jewel-toned colors and keep to gentle shades, such as mauve, orchid, and medium purple.

Next, accentuate your tree with Christmas balls, Easter eggs, or other appropriate décor with analogous colors, such as rose pink, powder blue, and the signature robin egg blue of Tiffany’s. Finally, add in a few silver accessories and trinkets, like metallic icicles or vintage rings for a hint of sparkle and shine.

Adorn your favorite pastel-colored tree with festive Easter decorations for a lively and stylish celebration of spring!

St. Patrick’s Day is such a popular holiday that it is celebrated in many parts around the world by Irish and non-Irish alike. The culture of Ireland is so rich with references to good fortune, from shamrocks and the color green to horseshoes and pots of gold, that it’s easy to see why this holiday is so beloved. Invite the luck of the Irish into your home by displaying your trusty Treetopia Christmas tree, wreath, and garland along with other dandy St. Paddy’s Day decorations.

1. Green Tree

When decorating an artificial Christmas tree for St. Patrick’s Day, a lush and verdant green-colored tree is an appropriate choice. After all, green is the color most associated with Ireland.

With the Irish community being such a significant part of New York City’s great history and vast population, Treetopia’s Brooklyn LED Spruce Christmas Tree seems like the natural choice for St. Paddy’s Day décor. With its full-figured silhouette, tapered branch tips, super realistic foliage, and gorgeous green shade, this is one traditional tree you’ll be looking forward to setting up again come Christmas.


Make this year’s Valentine’s Day more memorable for your special someone by fashioning your colorful Treetopia tree into a lovely Valentine’s Day tree. Here are some of our sweetest tree decorating ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1. Pink Tree


An all-pink theme is perfect for those who adore this soothing, warm color. Treetopia’s Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree is an ideal choice with its beautiful pale pink hue, which allows your ornaments to be displayed prominently.

The secret to achieving a magical monochromatic look is to select pink-tinted decorations of varying shapes, sizes, and textures to add dimension and balance. Search through your collection of beaded, frosted, pastel, or metallic holiday adornments, and set your blushing ball ornaments free to work their wondrous charm all over again.

Shop the stores or your home for a variety of trimmings that play up the feminine quality of your pink tree. Try embellishing your tree with dainty satin roses for a lovely sheen, or even fresh rose nosegays to add lushness and life.


One look at the surrounding scenery and you can tell that fall is Mother Nature’s fashion show. Trees, leaves, and entire landscapes flaunt a dazzling palette of red, orange, yellow, and brown. Capture the glory of the season and liven up your home with an artificial tree that reflects fall’s kaleidoscope of colors. Treetopia’s line of orange and brown trees packs a powerful visual punch that elevates your home design to new and exciting heights.

1. Fall Theme: Green and Brown on Orange

Follow through with the fall look by decorating your orange tree with items and colors from nature. According to basic color theory, orange and green are analogous colors, meaning they share a common primary color, which, in this case, is yellow. This bold combination projects a youthful energy that suits your daring and spirited design style.

Rich orange Christmas tree with yellow lights
100% Orange Christmas Tree


Halloween trees are becoming increasingly popular as a decorative holiday piece. As a Halloween treat, we’ll show you how to dress up your Treetopia Tuxedo Black Tree in spooky decorations that match your stylish Gothic design scheme for October 31st.

black tree with clear lights from Treetopia

Dark and mysterious: Tuxedo Black Tree from Treetopia

One of our most popular trees, the Tuxedo Black Tree has a striking and elegant appearance that makes it the center of attraction at any gathering. Dressed in sleek, jet-black needles, this tree is the natural choice for chic fashionistas or lovers of Goth culture.