National Donut Day will be here before you know so you better start planning your tree now.  Might I suggest crafting up your own DIY Donut Ornaments for the tree.  Guess what these baked good beauties are made from?  Old compact discs.  Come on donut lovers of the 90’s, you know you still have a stack somewhere.

How to decorate a tree for National Donut Tree.

These adorable DIY donuts look perfect on a sparkling silver Treetopia tree.  The solid glistening background let’s your ornaments be the stand out on the tree.


Now that I have a tree for National Donut Tree I want a wreath too!  The donuts were so easy to make.  My kids have claimed this batch for their play kitchen.

donut ornaments

How will you celebrate National Donut Tree.  A holiday about something so delicious deserves it’s own tree don’t you think?