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A white Christmas tree is an elegant centerpiece to complete any holiday celebration! We put this to the test by challenging some of our favorite bloggers to decorate a  whimsical tree for our 3rd Annual White Tree Mystery Campaign. The caveat? The name of each tree was a secret!

Five lucky winners were able to unravel the mystery, with each winning one $100 Treetopia Gift Card! Today, we look back at the amazing white trees our blogger partners decorated and congratulate the winners of our White Tree Mystery Campaign!  (more…)

The ultimate Christmas gift is not going to be wrapped under the tree this year. Instead, it is coming from none other than the media streaming superstar Netflix as they launch a Gilmore Girls revival on November 25th. Ever since the news became official in May, countless Stars Hollow wannabe’s have been eagerly anticipating the 4-part series, written by original creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

With the news of the release, we have been feeling nostalgic for the holiday traditions of the residents of the quirky little town. Who can forget the epic Thanksgiving when Lorelai and Rory managed to fit four holiday meals into one day? And, the way Lorelai described the first magical snowfall of the season? Thinking about these Gilmore Girls events made us wonder how often the holidays were discussed in the beloved series.

While each of the original seven seasons has something akin to a dedicated holiday episode, it’s surprising how little the women address the main event! To satisfy our curiosity, we dug a little deeper and looked at each holiday episode from the show’s run, comparing how many times the word “Christmas” was used in the script versus the word “holiday”.

Check out the chart to see the breakdown.

The Ultimate Gilmore Girls’ Holiday Greetings Tracker

Gilmore Girls Script

It turns out that everyone’s favorite mother-daughter show showed a preference for “Christmas” over any vague mention of the “Holidays”. Both words appear at least a handful of times throughout the years, but the script definitely favors Christmas cheer in the final season. While neither Gilmore seems to say the words much in the first 6 seasons, a single episode in the final season has actors saying “Christmas” 47 times!

No matter which holiday you celebrate this time of year, we hope you will be spending your December days surrounded by loved ones and enjoying everything the joyous holiday season has to offer.

UPDATE: Lorelai and Rory are sticking to their old ways in the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life revival. After sorting through the four seasons of the mini-series, we discovered that the word “Christmas” was used a total of 10 times in the script for the reboot, while “holiday” was not spoken at all.

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Creative Ways Brands Are Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects women, with about 1 in 8 American women developing invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a campaign that seeks not only to raise funds to help find the cure but also promote steps for prevention. You don’t have to be a Hollywood A-lister or a Fortune 500 Company CEO to join the campaign—these brands have come up with creative ways to support this very important cause. (more…)

One of the best parts of celebrating All Hallows’ Eve is the different ways we can uniquely transform our homes into spaces that both thrill and excite. Will your home feature ghastly creatures that haunt the night or enchanting beings from a fantasy land? Discover your decorating style with Treetopia’s Wicked or Whimsical Halloween Quiz and get a chance to win a Tuxedo Black Tree or a 100% Orange Christmas tree!

Wicked or Whimsical Halloween Quiz

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Christmas Tree 101 Full vs Slim vs Pencil Christmas trees: the right tree will complement your space and help create the ideal focal point for the holidays. There are a lot of important decisions to be made when purchasing a Christmas tree, like the type of foliage, color, and price, so we’re making it a little easier for you by focusing on tree shapes with Treetopia’s definitive guide on Christmas tree profiles. (more…)


Valentine’s Day is over (sniff sniff); time to change out the wreaths. Even though it is so hard to say goodbye to my precious Valentine’s Day wreath, I know it is going to spend the next 11 months safe and sound in my Easy-Going Wreath Storage Bag.

How to Clean an Artificial Christmas Tree

Whether you’re getting ready to decorate or prepping to stow it away, cleaning your Christmas tree is a must. It may require a bit of work but proper cleaning can help your tree stay vibrant for longer. There are dozens of cleaning tips and guides available on the web, but we’re going to keep it simple and manageable with this comprehensive guide on how to clean an artificial Christmas tree from Treetopia.

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share with you the best proposal scenes from our favorite romantic movies. Watch our engagement supercut video below, and get ready to swoon!

Comment below and tell us about your own endearing proposal stories!