Living in small spaces could be restricting, but at the same time, it could also be freeing. While you are technically limited by square footage, you can let your mind run amok with ways on how to work with what you have — being resourceful and imaginative. In this final post for our Small Home Series, we’ve gathered some useful ideas on how you can maximize your small bedroom and kick-start your creative journey.

Floating Shelves are Your Best Friends

In tight areas, it is always important to think vertically. Design upwards, instead of outwards. Installing floating shelves is a great way to add extra storage to rooms without compromising on space. These bring out your individuality by functioning as unique display racks for books, succulents, and quirky figurines.

Think Multi-Purpose

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Invest in items that have multi-design features. It’s basically having the usefulness of two or more pieces of furniture, while utilizing only half of the space needed. If you’re feeling nifty, you can always D-I-Y your own to serve many purposes based on your needs.

Headboards? Why Not?

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If you think installing a headboard for your bed might cramp up your space, think again. These upright panels work to give your bedroom the illusion of a taller ceiling and therefore, bigger space. Don’t scrimp on the height when picking a good headboard, as taller ones equate to higher ceilings.

Maximize Bed Storage

What are you going to do with all that space under your bed? Use it! Under-the-bed storage usually gets overlooked due to the appeal of seeing pretty furniture around your bedroom. Purchase drawer-type storage units and use them to store items that you don’t use on a daily basis. That way, you’re getting rid of unnecessary objects and getting organized at the same time.

Forget Table Lamps

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Yes, table lamps are good things to have, but are they practical? You might answer with a no, and we totally second that. You’ll free up more space by giving these up and can always opt for wall lamps instead. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of hardwiring, there are numerous plug-in options available in the market with a wide selection of designs to suit your style.

It’s all about choosing the smarter, more practical choices when it comes to building a small bedroom. Prioritizing your needs and deciding on a certain theme will greatly affect how an in-house sanctuary will be one where you actually enjoy resting in after a day’s work.

We hope these tips from our Small Home Series helped you creatively organize your modest space. Check back on the Treetopia Blog for more fun and quirky ideas!

Outside the bedroom, we tend to spend most of our family time in the living room, and decorating this high traffic area can be a challenge especially with limited space. However, you can maximize this vital piece of real estate with practical choices and clever design techniques. Draw inspiration from these small living room design ideas to achieve a beautiful, well-utilized living space.

Let the Light In

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A healthy combination of artificial and natural lighting can open up any space. During daytime, remove obstructions from your windows and entryways to maximize sunlight. Don’t rely on a single source of artificial light for nighttime illumination and opt to spread out multiple light sources around the room. Photography by Tessa Neustad.


Rainbow wreath for St. Patrick's Day

Finally, the moment we have been waiting for all rainbow week long. Stitched Storage, Soap Pops, Unicorn Flair, and Door Mats were all leading up to this moment – my St. Patrick’s Day rainbow wreath. Feast your eyes people! Rainbows rule and this Treetopia Colorburst Rainbow Wreath proves it!


The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house, yet one where comfort is essential. With smart decorating and the right fixtures, you can transform this personal space to give it a roomier look and feel. Learn how to maximize every inch of space with these small bathroom design ideas from Treetopia.

Optimize Shower Space



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