Christmas Tree Decorating ideas from Treetopia

The holidays come but once a year but with a few adjustments, your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be in storage for 11 months. From Valentine’s Day to Halloween, there are many opportunities to wow your guests with your decorating prowess. Here are 8 year-round Christmas tree decorating ideas from Treetopia. (more…)


You might think that Valentine’s Day trees should be pink and red—and you would be right. However, they can also be orange and yellow (or any other color for that matter).

From creative, colorful creations to Christmas trees for a cause, it was a year to remember for Treetopia and our customers. We welcome the New Year with excitement as we look back at some of Treetopia’s most stylish trees of 2015 in the second edition of Treetopia Highlights.

Colorful for a Cause

how to decorate a sports themed tree


From small apartments and cozy homes to TV sets and magazines, it was a year to remember for Treetopia and our customers. We welcome the New Year with great gratitude as we look back at some of Treetopia’s most stylish trees of 2015!

Pink and Fab

how to decorate a pink Christmas tree


From a pretty in pink Valentine’s tree to a Technicolor kind of Christmas, it was a year to remember for Treetopia and our Brand Ambassador, Jennifer Perkins. As we start the New Year, let’s take a step back and review the year that was through Jen’s kitschy and colorful Christmas trees.

New Year’s Eve

how to decorate your tree for New Year

“Being a visual person (can you tell from my groovy NYE tree), actually making something physical like a vision board helps me not only realize my goals for the upcoming year, it helps those goals to actualize.” Learn more from How to Host a New Year’s Eve Vision Board Party. (more…)

We knew the members of our Design Council 2015 could decorate a mean Christmas tree, but with their impeccable taste, eye for design, and out-of-the-box thinking, their Technicolor creations still left us in awe. We want to take this opportunity to thank each of our blogger partners for their participation, and show off some snapshots of their gorgeous Christmas trees in Technicolor.

Jen Perkins, Jennifer Perkins

Some Like it Hot artificial Christmas tree, Treetopia Basics – Yellow tree, and Toasted Champagne Tinsel tree with ornaments



Lindi Haws is the party thrower, crafter, cake stand hoarder, confetti thrower, and all-around design expert behind Love the Day. Her blog started out as a hobby in 2010, and has quickly become a leading resource for printable designs, diy parties, and entertaining inspiration. Lindi is a proud wife and mother of two girls, and always makes sure her family comes first.

Photo Courtesy of Love the Day

Learn more about Lindi and her decorating advice in our exclusive interview:

TT: What is Christmas Eve like in your household?

Super magical. I’m the oldest of five siblings who all get together on Christmas. Most of us have spouses and children so it’s a loud and lively night. We reenact the Christmas Story, wear Christmas jammies, eat lots of baked goods, play games and end the evening with the opening of one present.

Lia is the daily DIYer, photographer, stylist, and paper craft designer behind She shares her knowledge of DIY projects, printables, personal styling, and entertaining ideas to inspire her worldwide audience. Her greatest loves are her daughter Emily, her dog Enzo and traveling in Europe.

Lia Griffith

Learn more about Lia and her Christmas in Technicolor Tree in our exclusive interview:

TT: Best decorating advice you want to share with your readers?

When decorating a Christmas tree, vary your ornaments in size and texture to add interest. Also remember to add simple glass ornament deeper inside the tree to create depth.

Heidi displays her love for home, family, and anything creative on her blog, Home by Heidi. She has a flair for interior decorating, and is enthusiastic about paint, trim, and a little bit of DIY. Together with her husband, she turns the ordinary into something beautiful, and helps others love the space they’re in.  

Photo Courtesy of Home by Heidi

Learn more about Heidi and her passion for transforming spaces in our exclusive interview:

TT: What is your decorating mantra?

I feel everyone should LOVE the space they’re in. Making a space beautiful and individualized to that person matters the very most. I always tell people, “It’s all in the Details,” which is especially important to follow while designing.

Carrie Waller is a crafter by day, writer by night, and the creative mind behind craft and lifestyle blog, Dream Green DIY. She shares her love for design trends, mid-century modern style, and thrift shops on her blog, and offers her design expertise through Carrie Waller Creative. When she’s not in a local thrift store or estate shop, she enjoys the company of her husband and four pets in their Virginia home.

Learn more about Carrie and her mid-century modern style in our exclusive interview:

TT: What is Christmas Eve like in your household?

Carrie: Christmas PJs, holiday vinyls on the record player, a fire in the fireplace, and lights twinkling from the lit Christmas tree. To me, there’s nothing quite so picturesque or perfect as the night before Christmas in our house!