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Welcome to the second half of our series on home decorating and design based on fashion. Just like in our previous article, we’ll discuss how you can translate the hottest trends of Fall Fashion Week 2014 into fresh and fabulous looks for your rooms this fall season.

1. Sixties Groove

The cool and carefree vibe of the Sixties was definitely swinging on the fall fashion runways of Milan and Paris. Fashion houses Versace, Miu Miu, and Saint Laurent, dazzled audiences with their fresh takes on mini-skirts, trapeze dresses, knee-high boots, and graphic prints. From Valentino’s long tunics to Gucci’s mini-dresses, the irresistible allure of pale and powder pinks promised plenty of sweet, feminine allure this season.

Adding an accent chair is a simple way to freshen up your interior. And nothing screams 60s more than sculptured furnishings. This eclectic living room features a five-legged yellow chair whose organic shape and acrylic construction call to mind the iconic Egg chair designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. An asymmetrical coffee table and an Andy Warhol wall print reinforce the mod look without being overwhelming.

Similarly, a solitary decorative pink vase can bring a subtle yet striking touch of contrast to your contemporary black-and-white themed room.

2. Black and White

Speaking of black and white, this classic pairing also made a stunning appearance in the Fall 2014 collections of Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, and Margaret Howell. Tying in nicely with the retro-Sixties trend, Dries Van Noten’s black-and-white striped coat is reminiscent of the dizzying Op Art movement of that decade.

This mesmerizing style works just as beautifully at home. An Op Art-inspired rug is an ideal addition to a minimalist room, lending movement and kinetic texture without disturbing the stark beauty of the space.

Op Art can be fun, especially in unexpected places. Install this eye-catching shower curtain around the tub, and make every visit to the bathroom extra cool and trippy.

3. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is a European artistic theme that resulted from 18th century attempts to imitate Chinese porcelain. Widely popular with flappers fashion during the 1920s, chinoiserie has made a welcome comeback to the runways. Brimming with fanciful images of branches, birds, and florals, the Asian-inspired creations of Valentino and Anna Sui grace the fall season with modern interpretations of this timeless style.

At home, quaint chinoiserie designs on sofa upholstery, wallpaper, or cabinets help instill a feeling of comfort and tranquility in any room. Positioned in a corner, this four-panel screen adds life and sophistication to an otherwise plain space.

4. Knits

The anticipation for cooler weather made knitted wear a top attraction during Fall Fashion Week 2014. From The Row’s bulky, oversized sweaters to the sleek layered outfits of Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Derek Lam, 2014’s knitted collection promises fashionistas wearable fall fashion that’s softer and more comfortable than ever before.

Keep things warm and stylish at home by draping a cable knit throw blanket over your couch or favorite easy chair. Large or small, knitted accessories add instant texture to spaces, so keep an eye out for thick weave pillowcases, poufs, and even the occasional lampshade or mug sleeve.

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional fall decorating, all it takes is a little inspiration from the latest fashion trends to make your home look fabulous for the season.

The month of September was abuzz with activity as New York, Paris, Milan, and London pulled out all the stops at their respective Fashion Weeks. In honor of this prestigious industry event, we present a two-part series focusing on how you can incorporate the hottest 2014 fall fashion trends into your home decorating. Look to the catwalk for a wealth of colors, fabrics, patterns, and accessories that you can use as a source of inspiration for adding style and excitement to your interiors.


Remember the time of year when you and your family happily prep up and decorate the tree for Christmas? Holiday memories are one of the most cherished—and they should be. That’s why it’s important that you spend more time making those memories special instead of fussy. After all, putting up the holiday décor need not be a chore—when they are done early and right. (more…)

Creating a vignette is a wonderful way to make your home more attractive and inviting this fall. A small, endearing display helps create an atmosphere of calm and comfort, which paves the way for more happy moments with family and friends.

A number of decorating magazines and websites feature fall vignettes overflowing with foliage, produce, or other rustic items. Keep in mind that a vignette doesn’t have to be elaborate to be beautiful, and putting one together shouldn’t take up all your time.

Be inspired to fashion your own vignette with these simple and easy arrangements that capture the glorious essence of the season.


Color is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to interior decorating. It sets the theme, establishes the mood you’re aiming for, and ties a room’s design elements together. A monochromatic palette is the easiest and simplest way to pull off; it’s when the number of colors increase that’s challenging.


Throwing summer parties, like weekend barbeques, birthday bashes, and dinner parties, are always fun, but let’s face it, these warm-weather months can get too hot for comfort.  When the sun’s scorching heat beats down on your summer celebration, serve ice-cold refreshments to help guests keep cool and in the right merrymaking mood.

From delicious cocktails to kid-friendly drinks, these thoroughly satisfying thirst-quenchers fit perfectly with the Christmas in July party theme we presented in a previous article, and are an exciting addition to any summer party menu.

Iced Eggnog

The signature beverage of the Christmas season, old-fashioned eggnog may be too heavy to enjoy in the summertime. Instead, serve a batch of Iced Eggnog, an easy-to-prepare concoction that originates from the land down under. With their Christmas taking place at the height of summer, our Aussie friends are experts at cooling down while whooping it up. (more…)

Lots of people consider Christmas in July as the perfect excuse to throw parties and have fun. If that’s the case, where do we sign up? People who celebrate this non-holiday do so in traditional Christmas party style—complete with the winter trappings. But if you find heavy sweaters, an open fire, and calorific eggnog way too warm for July, then a summer-friendly Caribbean cruise theme is what you need.

All Aboard

Get your guests on board with the cruise ship theme by sending out paper or email invitations fashioned as “boarding passes.” Choose from dozens of free online templates or create your own with cruise-related images, like anchors, palm trees, or ocean liners.


Christmas – the holiday so nice, it has to be celebrated twice. Christmas in July is perfect for those who adore the Yuletide season, and can’t wait to experience the cheerful sights and festive spirit all over again. One of the best parts of this amusing summer event is setting up a Christmas in July tree and decorating it in a suitably tongue-in-cheek manner.

It’s perfectly okay to display a traditional green tree or a colorful, contemporary one for this celebration. But if you really want to make an impression, there’s nothing like Treetopia’s Catalina Breeze Palm Trees to show that you own the occasion!


Treetopia Catalina Breeze Palm Trees


Being a dad on Father’s Day can sometimes be rough. According to a consumer survey, over 75% of people feel that moms get more attention than dads on their respective special days. With those figures in mind, it’s time to throw a grand celebration to show your old man just how much you love and appreciate him. To make his party extra fun and meaningful, try incorporating his personality, interests, profession, or favorite hobby into the party’s theme. Here are few Father’s Day party ideas to get you inspired:

All-Star Sports Party

Whether your dad is a weekend warrior or an armchair athlete, a sports-themed party will make him feel like a winner!


Dad will get a kick out of seeing everyone wearing his favorite team’s uniform or apparel. If finding gear from his favorite team isn’t possible or practical, here’s a simpler option: ask guests to wear the colors of his team. Dressing up in club colors, whether it’s Liverpool FC’s red or the Los Angeles Lakers’ gold and purple, would be an awesome nod to your dad’s fanhood (even if you’re more of a San Antonio Spurs fan).


Embellish party banners, balloons, and table decoration with the same club colors. Hang pennants and jerseys on the walls, and scatter caps and sports gear around the room. If your dad loves golf, set up a putting mat and encourage his friends to aim for that elusive hole-in-one. Is your dad a sucker for soccer? Borrow or rent a foosball table and stage a Foosball World Cup in his honor!


Prepare a dinner fit for champions by serving dad’s signature dishes with tasty stadium-style food. Fill up your Father’s Day menu with spicy chicken wings, hot dogs with toppings, and slices of pizza. Guzzle ice-cold beer in paper cups to wash it all down.

Happening Hippie Party

If dad was a hippie in his heyday, he’ll dig getting down to a far-out Sixties-style ball.


Ask party-goers to come in their grooviest threads. Men can wear bell-bottoms, classic-rock or tie-dye tees, suede vests with fringes, and beaded belts. The ladies will look great wearing caftans, sandals, and flowers in their hair.


Set the scene with iconic hippie imagery and objects. Think peace signs and smiley faces on streamers and balloons. A folksy beaded door curtain is the perfect entryway for a room decorated with lava lamps, guitars, vinyl records, scented candles, and Woodstock posters.

Cover the dining table with a tie-dye tablecloth or table runner, and set out placemats, napkins, and cups in psychedelic colors. For a dose of Flower Power, prepare a big floral centerpiece filled with colorful daffodils, dandelions, and daisies.


You’ll want to serve healthy-yet-hearty grub, so don’t limit your party food to sunflower seeds and tofu. Instead, prepare a menu consisting of premium cuts of grass-fed steak, whole-grain pasta, organic vegetables, and fresh fruit.

High-Power Professional Party

Your dad could be a savvy business exec, a shrewd finance guy, or a marketing wiz. A high-powered “Mad Men”-inspired Father’s Day celebration at home will make him feel like a million bucks!


Channel old-school sartorial chic by requesting gents to come in their sharpest power suits, complete with skinny tie and fedoras. For the ladies, a pencil skirt with matching twinset is classy yet comfortable. Guests can also opt for turtlenecks, khakis, and shift dresses to keep things more relaxed.


No need to go overboard with the décor, but a few details can help evoke the right retro vibe. Get vintage copies of Vogue or Life from the thrift store to display on the coffee table. Hide remote controls, laptops, mobile phones, and other signs of modern tech. A rotary phone is a stylish statement piece that makes for a great conversation starter.

Keep your table setting simple and elegant with white china and your best silverware. Set up a snazzy home bar for your thirsty professionals by investing in some basic barware, essential spirits, and various mixers.


Delight dad with some decadent dishes from yesteryear, such as a tangy shrimp cocktail, creamy Caesar’s Salad, prime roast rib of beef, and cheesy Potatoes au Gratin. Polish off a fine meal with an equally satisfying chocolate fondue.

Fun time with the family is probably the one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give dear old dad. So try out of any these party ideas and throw dad an awesome get-together he’ll cherish forever.


You can fill a room with stylish furniture, but the place will look unfinished if you leave too many walls bare. An empty wall is full of potential, and decorating such a significant space is a task that can be delightful for some, and daunting for others. Here are some easy wall decorating ideas that add personality and liven any space.

Punch it up with paint

Painting a single wall with a bold color is the easiest way to add excitement and contrast to the room.  This design approach is a great way to accentuate a living space, plus it allows you to experiment with stronger colors that may be overwhelming when used on all available walls.

When picking a color, take your cue from decorative pieces around the room. The orange accent wall pictured below plays off the orange throw pillows on the sofa, and helps complete the look of the space.

If you prefer to keep things more subtle, choose a deeper shade of your existing wall color. This gentle contrast should be enough to break the blandness of a mono-colored room. (more…)