April 20, 2017

Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

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It’s National Jelly Bean Day and Treetopia is ready to celebrate!

We’ve put together a short quiz to determine what type of jelly bean you truly are. But before we get to that, here’s a little background on these multi-flavored and colorful beans – because you never know when this information might come in handy!
There isn’t any written history on how Jelly Bean Day began, let alone who started it. However, it has become a well-celebrated event that happens every April 22nd.

According to Candy Favorites, the world first encountered jelly beans in 1861. A confectioner named William Schrafft made a batch for soldiers to munch on during the American Civil War. Many years after that, people began to associate these flavored sweets with Easter due to their egg-like shape. The rest, as they say, is history.

Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day with Treetopia and find out which type of jelly bean you are.

We hope you got the flavor you wanted. If not, don’t fret. Simply try again. Just like a box of jelly beans, continue to indulge in the rainbow of flavors until you find your favorite. Hopefully you don’t get the nasty-flavored ones!

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