March 9, 2017

National Craft Month Series: DIY Rainbow Doormat

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Home Decorating with Treetopia

national craft month rainbow mat

Spring has sprung, so shout it from the rooftops with rainbows! I have been crafting all week with rainbow flair, rainbow stitched storage, rainbow soap pops and today, a DIY rainbow door mat. Could I be any more clear about my feeling for rainbows? The best part is, you too can soak up these rainbow vibes because I am going to show you how to make your own door mat.

Colorshot spray paint for fabric.


  • I Love to Create Color Shots Festival Pack
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Poster board
  • Door mat
  • Painters tape

Use a stencil to create your rainbow pattern

Cut a large half circle from a piece of poster board. Make sure the half circle is the same size as your doormat. From there, decide on how many stripes your rainbow will have. Draw the stripes and cut away each section to make a stencil. Tape your pieces to your mat with painters tape. One color at a time, use your Color Shot fabric spray paint (or real spray paint) to make your stripes. Allow to dry between layers.

how to cut a doormat into a rainbow shape

After all the stripes have been painted, flip the mat over. Use the largest piece of poster board rainbow stripe as your guide and cut the mat. Cutting the back side of the mat with a utility knife will be the easiest method in most cases.

DIY Rainbow doormat

In theory, you are supposed to wipe your feet on a door mat, but I’m going to have a really hard time getting this beauty dirty. If anything, I will probably discourage people from wiping their feet on it. Maybe next time I should make an ugly doormat so I can actually use it 😉

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