December 11, 2016

Christmas Mornings with Treetopia

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christmas tree decorating
With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is something magical about the calm of Christmas mornings. You appreciate the true meaning of the season when the family sits down with warm cups of tea and talks about anything under the sun. Have a cup of your favorite tea because we’re traveling across the Atlantic to see how our favorite UK bloggers decorated their tree for our very first Christmas Mornings with Treetopia campaign!

Sarah Akwisombe

decorating a pink christmas tree
For Sarah, traditional holiday décor is nothing short of boring, so our Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree was right up her alley. Using a recent piece of tech, she added vintage flair to her tree by decorating it with Instax photos of family and friends. DIY pompoms in black, white, and gold sprinkled around the photos make the tree look fun and glitzy! See more photos of her tree here.

Don’t Cramp My Style

rose gold theme white Christmas tree
Rose gold has an alluring quality to it, but Anna’s Winter White Christmas Tree has a graceful appearance that takes it a step further. Floral ornaments, garlands, and decor in rose gold are mixed with white and gold ornaments to create an ensemble perfect for her living room’s color scheme. Visit Don’t Cramp My Style to see more!

Rachael Jess

silver christmas tree decorating
Rachael’s 7.5’ Sixpence Silver Narrow Tree sparkled with a blue, silver, and white decorating theme. It was then made more special with a host of unique ornaments from Groot, Scooby, and a cute Storm Trooper courtesy of her son! Check out Rachael’s post here.

A Life with Frills

flocked christmas tree
How do you add color to an already colorful theme? Put a variety of pompoms, glittery stickers, and other items in clear glass baubles, of course! Filled with these DIY ornaments, Lauren’s Frozen Fir Flocked Christmas tree is a picture of a bright and happy Christmas! Visit A Life with Frills to see more!

From Evija with Love

magical green christmas tree
Evija started her new Christmas tradition by looking back at fond Christmas memories of her childhood. Her Christmas Magic tree features a white and silver theme with angel wings, starbursts, and heart ornaments complemented by classic baubles and sparkling décor. Re-visit Evija’s magical Balsam Spruce Tree on From Evija with Love.

Hello Jennifer Helen

black christmas tree
Traveling the world has many advantages, not the least of which is collecting pieces to decorate a one-of-a-kind holiday centerpiece! From a Hot Dog Ornament from their trip to New York to a Paul Stanley figure from one of their getaways, Jennifer’s Bearskin Black Christmas tree is as unique as the experiences she and her partner have shared throughout the years. Head over to her site for more!

Life at 139a

white Christmas tree decorations
Stephanie’s Moonlight White Christmas tree might be the perfect representation of Christmas mornings at 139a: less frantic, more fun! She pursued a minimalist approach in her decorations but made sure the tree wasn’t lacking visual impact with a variety of sparkling jewel-toned ornaments. Visit Life at 139a to see more of her white tree!

Growing Family

unique white christmas tree
Catherine, with the help of her kids, found out that the beauty of a white Christmas tree has always been its semblance to a blank canvas! Working under a bit of controlled chaos, her Wiley White Narrow tree was decorated with an impressive array of handmade ornaments! See how the Growing Family decorate their tree here.

The magic of Christmas mornings is felt around the world; just ask our favorite bloggers from across the pond! Still lacking the perfect Christmas morning centerpiece? Visit Treetopia’s extensive collection of high-quality traditional and colorful trees!

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