February 18, 2016

How to Clean an Artificial Christmas Tree

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How to Clean an Artificial Christmas Tree

Whether you’re getting ready to decorate or prepping to stow it away, cleaning your artificial Christmas tree is a must. It may require a bit of work but proper cleaning can help your tree stay vibrant for longer. There are dozens of cleaning tips and guides available on the web, but we’re going to keep it simple and manageable with this comprehensive guide on how to clean an artificial Christmas tree from Treetopia.

Prepare Your Tree

First, take down all ornaments, lights, and decorations before cleaning your tree. Then, disassemble your tree in sections to make it easier to work with. If your tree is pre-lit, remember to unplug everything to avoid any accidents.

Have the Right Gear

Protect yourself from scratches by wearing long sleeved shirts, a pair of gloves, and jeans. It might seem like overkill, but trust us—it is worth the effort. If your tree has been in storage for a long time, we recommend wearing a face mask to protect your airways from dust.

Set up Your Cleaning Area

Lay down a trash bag or an old sheet in your cleaning area to eliminate the need for sweeping dust and dirt away after cleaning. Make sure that the sheet or trash bag is larger than the diameter of your tree so it can catch all the falling debris.

Use a Vacuum

Clean your artificial Christmas tree faster and easier by using a vacuum! Attach a dusting brush to the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle and run it from the outside of a branch going in and vice versa. When the branch is free of dust, move on to the next one. Remember to clean the top of each section first and work your way down. Dust and dirt will fall down as you clean, and all of your hard work will be undone if you clean the bottom part first.

Tip: We recommend using the lowest possible setting on your vacuum cleaner to avoid pulling out the foliage.

Clean with Soap and Water

Wipe the branches down using a clean cloth and a mix of warm water and dish soap. This will give your tree a renewed sheen and leave it with a refreshing scent. Before wiping the branches, make sure that the cloth is damp and not dripping, and make sure to use mild dish soap to avoid discoloring the foliage.

Tip: Avoid using a damp or wet cloth on a pre-lit tree. Instead, use a dry cloth or skip this step altogether to avoid damaging the lights.

Let It Relax

If you used a damp cloth to clean the tree, air it out before decorating or putting it in storage. Moisture can promote the growth of mold, so make sure the tree is completely dry before putting it away.

Cleaning your Christmas tree is an important task, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Make it simple and manageable with this comprehensive guide on how to clean an artificial Christmas tree from Treetopia. Be sure to visit our guide on how to fluff your Christmas tree before you start decorating, and how to store your ornaments once you take the tree down!

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