November 10, 2015

Fabulous Ways to Decorate Your Pencil Christmas Tree

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Tango Red Lipstick Tree, No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree, and Silver Pencil Tree

When you’re short on space but still want to keep the holiday spirit alive, a pencil Christmas tree is the perfect choice. Instead of a full, traditional profile, a pencil Christmas tree is slender from tip to base. Decorating a slim tree may seem like a daunting décor challenge, but it really is quite easy to do! Here are some fabulous ways to decorate your pencil Christmas trees.


Try out a minimalist look to make the most out of your pencil Christmas tree’s profile. Choose color themes with one or two colors and decorate your tree with ornaments in varying shades of that palette for a polished, modern look. Our Chocolate Gold Glass Ornament Set makes brilliant use of gold, along with varying shades of brown, while our Green with Envy Assorted Ornament Set features two shades of green, creating variety with texture rather than hue.

Go 3-D

Enhance your pencil tree’s smaller foliage volume by adding an illusion of depth. Go for a 3-D design scheme with your decorations by using ornaments of different sizes in key areas around your tree.

A great 3-D layering strategy is placing smaller ornaments on the inner portion of the tree, with the larger items in full display. Try to think of the inner parts of the tree as the farther edge of your line of sight, while the outer part is the plane nearer you.

Ribbons and Sashes

You can also create a fabulously decorated pencil tree using only ribbons and sashes. The great thing about this decorating idea is that it complements a pencil tree’s slim profile, giving it more volume. Ribbons and sashes are also easily available at the nearest store! Check out this tutorial from Kristen’s Creations on how to decorate a tree with a mesh ribbon.

Save space while having a gorgeous, slim holiday centerpiece! What’s your favorite decorating style for pencil Christmas trees? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!



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