November 28, 2012

Unleash the Fun with Treetopia’s Wacky Trees

Posted by Treetopia in Decorating Ideas for Every Christmas Tree

If you’re ready to take things up a notch, decorate your home with one of our fabulously wacky Christmas trees!

If there’s one thing many people look forward to during the Christmas season, it’s admiring how fabulous their decorated Christmas trees look. But why wait for your tree to look fabulous after you hang the decorations when you can have fun, wacky trees that look fabulous as they are? Here are Treetopia’s top wacky tree candidates:



Intergalactic Black Christmas Tree

What’s more fun and wacky than a black Christmas tree? A black Christmas tree from outer space! Equipped with clear lights that mimic those twinkling, glimmering stars light years away, this out-of-this-world, funky, black Christmas tree will definitely send your name into the orbit of the fun, fabulous crowd.

I’m so awesome and wacky, I’m already sold out!




Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Zebra Christmas Tree

It will truly be a wonderful day when you display our monochromatic Christmas tree in your home. There’s no other tree that can say “I am simple, elegant, and wild” quite like our Zebra Christmas tree. Be sure to check back next year when it’s restocked so you can get a piece of the action!



I’m Just a Rainbow Christmas Tree


Why choose a single or double combination color theme this Christmas when you can display it all with our rainbow Christmas tree?  Like your own pot of gold, keep your collection of gifts underneath this fabulous rainbow. Enjoy this awesome addition in your home to complement your colorful personality!





Colossal Candy Corn Christmas Tree

Who says having a sweet tooth is bad? Now, you can display your love for sweets with our Colossal Candy Corn tree. The only thing you have to worry about when you display this tree are the people who would want to take a bite out of it.





Bottom’s Upside-Down Christmas Tree

What other tree can match your wacky personality than the Bottom’s Upside-Down tree? This Christmas tree immediately performed a somersault in full costume when it heard you wanted a wacky tree. Go head over heels with our upside-down Christmas tree!


How about you? What’s your favorite wacky tree from Treetopia?


If you want to see more of our wacky trees, head on over to the Treetopia Homepage for our catalog of funky Christmas trees.



The Treetopia blog hopes to inspire you with fabulous decorating and entertaining ideas that celebrate your personal sense of style. Liven up the look of your home with our exciting selection of decorating tips and tricks for every holiday and season.
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