July 17, 2012

Using Your Christmas Tree as a Year-Round Decoration

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Christmas comes only once a year and when it does, families head down to their basements or attics to lug out the Christmas trees they’ve stored for the past year. It’s a yearly tradition that some may find a chore, especially since the decorated tree will only be displayed for a month or so before it returns to its box and left to gather dust for another eleven months. The effort and investment in a good Christmas tree seem like such a waste.

Make the most out of your Christmas tree by using it as a year-round indoor decoration for your home instead. It’s as simple as just adjusting the decorations to suit various holidays. Here are a few fun suggestions you can try:

Valentine’s Day

The next great celebration after Christmas, besides the New Year, is Valentine’s Day—when people celebrate their love for each other, stringing paper hearts along corridors and doors. Replace your usual Christmas tree decorations with paper hearts; each filled a sweet message for all your family and friends. Top the tree with a cupid, instead of the usual Christmas angel and throw in a bit of pink and red tinsel around the tree. If the tree just happens to be pink, the better! The Cotton Candy Pink Christmas tree adds the right amount of Valentine’s sweetness to any room.

Fourth of July

Celebrate Independence Day by sprucing up your tree in the colors of America. Wrap red, white, and blue streamers around the tree, hang little American flags on the branches, and add the sparkle of fireworks through gold and silver tinsel. Top off your tree with an Uncle Sam top hat. You may even draw inspiration from this patriotic tree by spraying it with red, white, and blue artificial snow.


Add something unique into your Halloween decoration by covering the tree with fake spider webs, miniature pumpkins, and witch-themed ornaments on the branches. The Colossal Candy Corn Christmas Tree is perfect for the porch as you hand out candies to children going Trick-or-Treat.


When you’re not celebrating any special occasions, keep your tree bare and create a pseudo-outdoor area in your living space. Surround it with small potted bushes and plants and cover the base with stones. If you want, you may even sprinkle the branches with a few dried leaves to bring the feel of autumn into your home. With an addition of a few comfortable armchairs and a coffee table, you’ll have created a nice, relaxing nook where you can spend the day quietly reading.

When Christmas ends, try out the few suggestions listed above. Just remember to be creative and go all out in your decorations. This way, you’d be able to experience the joy of tree decorating all year round.




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